What is Tissue Advertising?

A low cost and extremely effective advertising medium.

Pocket tissues advertising started in Japan in 1969 and since then has spread across the world. 4 BILLION tissue packets are handed out each year in Japan alone…

Why is tissue advertising so popular?

  • Affordable
  • Creates engagement with a deep psychological impact. Each packet contains 6 tissues so almost every one of your customers will read your advertisement at least 6 times.
  • Easy to target your audience (for eg a beauty salon may wish to only distribute to females, a barber – only to men and so forth)
  • It’s different, useful and best of all free to the consumer!

Have you ever tried handing out flyers before? Statistically speaking 75% of people won’t accept your flyer, half of the remaining 25% throw your flyer away before even reading it…

Tissue advertising solves this problem. We all like free stuff especially when it’s useful! If you are giving away samples or something functional for free, people flock to you in the street.

At Achoo Advertising we provide a number of options to suit all budgets with the end goal of promoting your business in your local community.

  • For a very affordable price we can print your advertising on our tissue packs and deliver them direct to your door. Your staff can hand them out at the local train station, busy street, your store front, or you can simply have them displayed on your counter.
  • If you don’t have the man power to hand the tissues out yourself, for a simple daily rate we can provide the people for you.
  • If you don’t have your own advertising, we can help you with that too! For a flat fee and a 100% money back guarantee we can design your advertisement for you!

To place an order please contact:

  • achooadvertising@outlook.com

Please include:

  • Name & phone number of your business
  • Number of tissues required
  • Whether or not you require design work
  • Whether or not you require staff to distribute your tissues out for you.

You will receive a response from one of our friendly staff within 24 hours to help you further.

With minimal cost and maximum exposure, we look forward to helping you grow your business.


Achoo Advertising, “Affordable effective advertising is nothing to sneeze at”.



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